10 DIYs at home

10 DIYs at home

  1. By Lianne
  2. 1.      Electronic device holder


Start off by finding an old lotion bottle; shampoo, moisturizer, soap etc…   Cut the top of the bottle off, leaving a section on at the back.  Lastly, cut a hole in the section that was left off to fit around a plug on the outlet. 


  1. Wall pockets


Start by finding wooden bowls of your personal size preference.  After you’ve either purchased your bowls or have found them at home, cut them each in half.  Once cut in halves, mount the bowls to a wall in your room of choice! These pockets make great holders for little things such as lip glosses and pins in the washroom, or even for car keys by the door.    

wall pockets


  1. Renew a faded brick fireplace


For this project, you’ll need a paint brush, a paint roller, concrete stain and a tray.  Once you’ve got everything you need, begin by lightly painting the surface of the bricks with the paint roller.  After the stain has dried, use the paint brush to paint a second layer of stain on the bricks.  Depending on the color of your desire, you can keep adding layers of stain once the previous has dried.


  1. Furniture makeover

If you have an outdated chair or couch that is in desperate need of a makeover, this project is perfect for you.  Once you’ve decided on the piece of furniture that you’d like to redo, choose and purchase a fabric of your preferred color and print.  Next, carefully remove the original fabric from the furniture, then staple the new fabric that you have chosen to the outer side of the original one.  To finish, use a staple gun to apply the new pieces onto the furniture.




  1. 5.      Striped Up

First, use a measurement tape and pencil to measure and mark two inch sections horizontally on each corner of the cabinet or nightstand.  Secondly, apply painters tape firmly to every other two-inch section, lining it up with the pencil marks. Lastly, paint the blank spaces with whatever color you’d like! 

 striped dresser

  1. 6.      Wine Glass Holder

For an easy, two step project, saw the handle off of an old rake then hang it in your kitchen.   And there you have it, a rustic wine glass holder.

 wine glass holder

  1. Dipped Basket


Using baskets for storage is great, but sometimes a little plain.  Add a little spice to your basket storage with this DIY!  Start by applying painters tape horizontally around the centre of the basket.   Afterward, using a sponge brush and paint of your choice apply the paint to the bottom half of the basket.  Remember to press with the sponge brush to assure that you paint inside the weaves.  


  1. Nail Polish Shelf


Organizing your nail polish collection isn’t always easy when your space is limited.  If you have extra wall space however, try making your own mini shelves!  All you need are pieces of wood, measuring about one to two inches wide, and a few brackets.  Apply the brackets to the wall, spacing them according to the length of your wooden pieces. Then, place the wooden pieces onto the brackets to complete your shelves!




  1. 9.      Thumbtack Candles


All you’ll need for this project are some candles, new or used, and some thumbtacks.  Press the thumbtacks into the candle in whichever design you want!  

 thumbtack candles

  1. Martha Stewart Container Magnets


Transform metallic containers into refrigerator magnets by simply placing large magnets into the containers, making them magnetic!  If you are using plastic containers, glue the magnets to the outside of the containers. 

 container magnets