101 Boutique Talk

101 Boutique Talk


By: Christopher Mello


A glance into Toronto’s top five, fashion forward boutiques.


1050 Queen Street West.


A hip urbanized look to the store, its like walking into a fashionistas closet for hipsters, with a blended with of the rockstars lifestyle. Owner Jacklene Genisova, features details in her store such as chrome-paneled ceilings, raw hardwood fixtures, hardwood floors blended in with black cement floors and tiled flooring as well. The stores layout is divided between men and women’s apparel with an emissive open wood closet. A lounge area is set towards the back of the store containing novels, CDs, DVDs for sale. Featuring brands such as Jeffery Campbell, Unif, Black milk clothing, MINK, Levis.


An item to look for while shopping in the store would be, the rustic twig chandelier hanging above the cash desk.


Lavish & Squalor.


253 Queen Street West


Located not to far from the nightlife district of Toronto, a few blocks down the street from Eaton Centre the casual two floored store features pieces trendy pieces from Levis, Habitual, BB Zanna, Cheap Monday, Brixton and jewelry pieces from Speechless and Mrsexton. This store layout reminds the shopper of a garage sale like look, with things spread out, placed and folded on top of cupboards, treasure chests, and coffee tables all it can do is remind you of grannies house with all the old fixtures and vintage like floors.  Their floors seem to be the first thing you truly look at when walking in since you have to take a step up from the street pavements outside. The floors look like refurbished barn wood.


Stand out piece would be on the second floor with their in-house coffee shop. The idea of shopping and having imported caffeine, from countries such as Brazil and Guatemala seem to be the icing on the cake for most shopaholics.





132 Cumberland Street.


Talk about a mans touch, this high-end boutique located in the uber- chic heart of Toronto located in the classy Yorkville, has a customer feeling like their in heaven when they see the selected clothing pieces to be sold. Opened and ran by, Paul and Steven, this high-end luxury fashion forward store carries brands such as Rick Owens, Balmain Paris, Alexander Povlok, and specialty Addidas sneakers, while the best part to come is the fact that the store only caters to men.


When walking into the store it’s hard to truly find the stand out pieces, because the idea to the store walk through is to enjoy and focus on the pieces carried in the store. Once you’ve walked through the store its than clear the stand out piece is always a high-end rare pair of sneakers being featured within a glass casket to be sold, on top of the glass jewelry casket.





87 Avenue Road


Is it a bomb?  It might as well be, with all the attention. The sophisticated high-end boutique conveniently placed in the Hazelton Lanes shopping mall in Yorkville, seems to be racking in Holts customers, drawing in the attention of Toronto’s hip and young fashionistas and istos with money to spend on brands such as Alexander Wang, Comme des Garcon, Haute Hippie, Pink Tartan, Jitros, etc. A classic clean and elegant look is spread throughout the store, combining features such as white walls, white and black futuristic looking ceilings, grey hardwood flooring and raw wooden fixtures on one side of the store, while encasing all this glory are two curved walls of glass, showcasing the products within.


After a few minutes in the store, its only human you feel tired, that’s mainly because of the sq feet the boutique covers, spanning at 24, 000 sq feet with both men and women together. The main feature of this store is not an over the top piece grabbing attention, but rather the amount of space the boutique contains, filling it with fashion pieces that seem to be the latest trends.



The Black Box Boutique


106 Yorkville Avenue, 2nd floor


“Jewelry takes people’s mind off your wrinkles” by Sarah Phillips, couldn’t be a better way to describe this jewelry boutique, catering to both sexes, mainly women.

To the dream jewelry box, every girl’s dreamt of having finally being created in Toronto. The Black Box Boutique, roughly being open a little over seven months, seems to the be like walking into a Disney’s, The Little Mermaid song “apart of your world”, when refereeing to the endless treasurers. The elegantly constructed boutique features jewelry pieces from lines such as Eponymous, Monserat De Lucas, Leil & Lentz, Gypsy and Vanessa Tugendhaft. Mate finished white walls accompanied by darkened hardwood flooring; along with recessed glass display cabinets make for a perfect high ended clean look for the simple jewelry pieces to be featured.


While slowly glancing at every piece of jewelry its no wonder you end up walking in circles, since the boutiques displays are placed into a circular angle, the owner made sure that you don’t miss a piece of art on display. Although in the midst of confusion you cant help but realize the amount of mirrors with in the store, with a grand total of 23. Yet those mirrors or circular formation aren’t the stand out piece, it’s the oversized bejeweled encrusted chandelier, sitting in the middle of the store, hovering above the main display, illustrating the newer pieces being featured in the store.








Lavish & Squalor-






Black Box Boutique-