1uv Launch Party

1uv Launch Party

1uv Designs (Handbags and Luggage) takes original works of art and recreates them into unique, one of a kind, luxury bags; while having fun in the process.

On Wednesday, October 28 2015 1uv had officially launched their luxury handbags at The Spoke Club located in the heart of downtown Toronto (600 King ST W at 7 pm). The event consisted of live entertainment, presentation of the 1uv’s haute handbag collection and a small cocktail gathering.

The concept of 1uv Designs is that you don’t need to visit a formal gallery to be captivated by beautiful art. Since the artwork is now incorporated into your handbags. The paintings displayed on the bags are created by a remarkable Canadian painter and transformed into the design of a 1uv handbag.

The key theme of their creation is that: with 1uv you can actually touch paintings, wear them, own them and use them in your everyday life. 1uv bags are made from more than paint, canvas, leather, and thread. Some things that go into our bags can’t be touched but can only be felt. Like the fun and love that goes into each piece of art and handcrafted leather. All of these
Handbags are designed and crafted in Canada, by hand, the traditional way.

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See more from of what 1uv has to offer at;
Website: www.1uv.ca
Twitter: @1uvdesigns
Instagram: @1uvdesigns
Facebook: 1uv Designs

By Harija Ravi

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