2014 Travel Destinations

2014 Travel Destinations

By Lianne Beland


            Looking to get away with your family, significant other or friends in the upcoming year but not sure on the destination?  In our busy, hectic lives, going on a vacation can be just what we need to relax and forget about our many responsibilities, all while enjoying the company of the people we love most.  However, choosing the best destination can sometimes seem very stressful, overwhelming and time consuming.  To make the planning aspect of your vacation as enjoyable as it should be, here is a guide the best destination vacation spots for the year 2014.




  Brazil is the number one tourist destination for the upcoming year.  From the Amazon River to the Iguazu Falls to the vibrant city of Rio, Brazil is naturally one of the most breathtaking countries in the world in terms of wildlife, landscape and city life. 


Zurich, Switzerland

This beautiful European city offers fine dining, impeccable shopping and fashion boutiques, luxurious nightlife, impeccably dressed citizens as well as breathtaking natural wonders.  And to top that off, the city of Zurich is hosting the European Athletics Championships, making it an ideal destination vacation for athletes and fans.


Adelaide, Australia

Although Sydney may automatically come to mind when considering planning a vacation to Australia, the city of Adelaide is growing as one of the best vacation spots in the country.  The city hosts many festivals, art and sporting events, making it ideal for family vacations, and is known to be effortlessly chic.


Vancouver, Canada

Looking to stay closer to home?  You will no doubt be content, relaxed and fulfilled visiting Vancouver.  From the sandy beaches, snowy mountains and world famous ski hills to the vibrant city life, the city of Vancouver makes for an ideal destination vacation any time of year.

Sean Hannah Photo

St Lucia, Caribbean Islands

If you want to find a glamorously romantic vacation spot, St Lucia might be perfect for you and your loved one.  Gorgeous white sanded beaches, breathtaking mountains and stunning views are sure to set the romantic tone you’ve been searching for.  The city offers plenty of hotel and resorts in various locations, thus you wouldn’t have any trouble or worries planning your vacation here.

 St Lucia






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