6 Ways to becoming a more Eco-Friendly family

6 Ways to becoming a more Eco-Friendly family

August 2014

Zoya S.

Becoming an eco-friendly family is fairly simple and requires only a few short steps! Take it upon yourself to start to make the change and lead by example whilst showing your family and friends that going green is just a few changes away!


  1. 1.      Educate yourself and your family about why it is important to be eco-friendly.



Educate yourself, courtesy of modern day film, with ‘Who Killed the Electric Car?’ or spend the evening with your little ones with some popcorn and educate them about endangered species that result from deforestation, with the animated film, ‘Rio’.  Sleepy? Make bed time to with one of Scholastics stories: ‘Word Girl: Earth Day Girl’. The best way to really learn is through something that you are interested in!


  1. 2.     Start with the little things.



Choose recycling as your starting point! Set up bins around the house and decorate the bins with what you would put inside. For example: segregate the garbage bins, the compost bins and then general recycling first! This allows it to become a thrilling art project and an exciting new change to your home! For younger kids, try giving weekly prizes if you start to see them recycling; stickers and treats are always great! For older kids, try out a competition!


  1. 3.     Alter your day-to-day lives.


Start to change up your routine! Try carpooling with a neighbor or hopping onto the subway! Pick up rechargeable batteries! Rent a hybrid car instead! As you start to change your routine bit by bit, your pathway to a green lifestyle gets shorter and you are setting a great example for the rest of your family and friends!


  1. 4.     Appreciate what nature provides us with.


Treasure the season outside and let the cold winds replace your air conditioning and the warm rays substitute your dryer. With the influx of organic and nature lifestyle products, inclusive of cosmetics, shampoo and soaps, adapt your lifestyle and explain to your family members the benefit of the switch! Our advice if you are a busy family, try and make time to unplug. Switch off all electronics and soak in some time with mother nature.


  1. 5.     Take advantage of modern technology.


With laptops and iPad’s, eliminate the excessive printing by paying your bills, typing up your notes and sending invitiations on your electronic device! Try and store all photographs and documents onto your computer’s hardrive, not only are they safer but you’re reducing your carbon footprint by reducing your printing and your ink usage! Don’t forget to switch your electronic devices and unplug their chargers when not in use!


  1. 6.     Try to simplify your life as much as possible.


Try and de-clutter, spring-cleaning season or not, a clutter free home is a stress free zone! Have a garage sale and only keep the essentials and remind yourself for the future to only buy what you really need!


This is just some of the many ways you can start living an eco-friendly life at home with your family! Step by step, becoming eco-friendly not only prolongs the earth’s capacity to keep providing us with the many resources but allows us to support a cause to keep the environment safe and healthy for our families!