7 Tips to Revamp Your Home for Spring

7 Tips to Revamp Your Home for Spring

may 2013

By Megan Dussin


As April showers will hopefully bring May flowers, the best way to beat the rainy spring blues is to revamp your home for the sunny and bright summer to come. Putting away your throw blankets and dark, muted tones from the winter, spring welcomes bright colours and a breath of fresh air in your home decor. As we welcome the new season in our wardrobes, diets, and workout plans, so should we in our homes. Below are seven tips to revamp your home for spring:


1. Fresh flowers – Nothing says spring like a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers on a kitchen table, nightstand, or mantle. Not only will they brighten your day, but they’ll leave your home smelling like a warm summer’s day.

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2. Breezy curtains – As the view from our windows changes from snow, sleet, and hail to sunny afternoons and neighbours out for walks, swap your heavy winter curtains for a light, transparent style that let you bask in the spring even while indoors.


3. New art – Everyone loves having that one piece of art that shapes the feel of an entire room, so this spring, invest in a new piece that is fresh and colourful. Visit local antique stores and markets around the city to find a work that screams “spring!”


4. Scented candles – While it may still be drizzling outside, transport you and your family to a warm tropical paradise by burning scented candles throughout your home. Along with a delectable scent, candles also provide great mood lighting for those thundering late night storms.


5. Family photos – Spring time often makes us nostalgic for those warm, summer afternoons spent at the cottage with family and friends. Give yourself some time to finally print those great family photos from the past few years and hang them in places you can take a peek at every day.


6. Bright kitchenware – Spring is a time of easiness and leisure, so treat yourself to some fun new kitchen supplies to use when baking early morning cinnamon rolls or cookies for the local bake sale. Sharing delicious baked goods with neighbours and friends is a great way to brighten anyone’s day this spring.


7. Spring cleaning – Perhaps not the easiest or most pleasant home renovation, the spring clean will leave you feeling like a weight has been lifted. Take a weekend and ask the whole family to help out – organizing your home will give you a chance to get rid of the old, and welcome the new.