Jul 2015

by Janagan

Fitbit is an affordable wrist band and activity tracker. It is a device that is aimed at making your life both healthier and productive.

The texture design has been made to be as comfortable as possible with enough resistance so it doesn’t slide on your skin. It is also made with a very special material that prevents it from collecting dust. The display screen is scratch-resistant to ensure a flawless and vibrant display. It also comes with different color options.

Fitbit bands have a wide range of features. Such as time, the total number of steps taken, the estimated distance traveled, number of calories burned and even the number of stairs climbed by the user during an exercise. It also comes with a stopwatch feature as well.

Fitbit also comes with an App for your Smartphone to keep all your data in a safe place. The App has been designed to give you the most user friendly experience possible. In the App, all your data can be seen at a single glance and all your data is stored in the app throughout the year. It gives you graphs of your progress daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly for your convenience. You can also compare your activities throughout the year with the App.

Fitbit can also track your workout using your phone’s GPS and with ear buds, Fitbit can give you updates on how far you have traveled and even the time it has taken you so far. You do not have to keep checking your phone while hiking, running or walking when you have Fitbit.
Fitbit can also track your weight, sleep, food and water intake to help you maintain your health conditions. It also has an alarm feature which vibrates without making any outside noise. Fitbit battery last up to 7 days which is much higher than any band out in the market.
And finally, Fitbit allows you to connect with your friends and loved ones. With the Fitbit App, you can connect with your friends to share your achievements and compare your results. Fitbit is the band that brings everything to your wrist.

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