A Glitz & Glam Mom Versus a Real Mom

A Glitz & Glam Mom Versus a Real Mom

may 2014

Christopher M.

Super Mom to the Rescue

Though the average mother in today’s society balances a full time job from 9-5, cleaning, making dinner, taking care of their significant other and of course a child or so- we in the modern generation seem to draw a drooling, eye catching attention towards the celebrity mothers and ponder over how they do everything when the truth is they have hired help. Which isn’t necessarily bad, but lets be frank these so called celebrity mothers are far from a super mom half the time.



A real mother in today’s day and time is considered one who gives their child a happy and comforting environment to grow in, while also being they’re rock when times are bad, not to mention being able to put on a fake smile and whipping those tears away when in pain, especially when being asked by the child “mommy why are you crying?” It’s takes a real mother to step down from a “show mom” position or corporate level position in order to grow with their child, being able to appreciate the every waking day with them. Great examples of these women among the celebrities are Angelina Jolie, Mariah Carey, Madonna, Victoria Beckham and Halley Berry.


With that being said who’s to say that some moms truly can’t balance everything, I mean it has been proven that women compared to men are able to accomplish more in less time and at a great speed depending the task. But until we can truly have a figure of so to prove, lets just count it as a reason for a mother to leave for a period of time to enjoy the presence of her family and loved ones, being able to look back one day and have memories to grow on from.