A Love Found for a Zac Posen Gown

A Love Found for a Zac Posen Gown

By Christopher Mello

He who took the world my storm, with his timeless gowns that reach out to every modern day and aged woman, accentuating her figure in all the right sort of ways. This charming fellow known as Zac Posen, a down to earth New York based designer has worked his magic yet again, making his way into the hearts of the Canadian market place.

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Last night (Tuesday, April 29th, 2014) at Holt Renfrew’s flagship store on Bloor, a festive and lively event took place with only media and press as the main invites, making this an uber secretive event, otherwise known as a “must be” event. Up the escalators to the second floor, rained a beam of sunshine where Mr Posen’s breath taking gowns from his latest collection that were on display for the taking, along with one of his favorite muses, model Anna, changing from outfit to outfit every 30 minutes. Of course Anna knew how to work every tailored inch of the gowns with her over the top expressive personality.

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Though Mr Posen was pestered with flocking photographers that didn’t seem to understand personal space, his exuberating aura spread amongst the other guests while he took the liberty of trying to get to know each guest having a one on one conversation with each and the popular #selfie moment. Rather then being an egotistical personality we tend to picture New Yorkers for, he was quite the opposite, he had almost a southern style grace to him that made you feel comfortable like you had known him for years.