A Mans Brain : An In Depth Look at its Inner Psyche

A Mans Brain : An In Depth Look at its Inner Psyche

June 2013

Sarah Amormino

As a single woman, I often find myself imagining what it would be like to be in a serious, committed relationship with someone whose actions, thoughts, and beliefs mirrored my own. As the veteran of “third wheeling”, I am always catching myself studying my friends’ relationships; dissecting their romance by noting their attitude towards one another and how they communicate. Couples constantly surround me, and because of this, I am forced to play the therapeutic role for both sexes by sharing my genuine advice and focusing my full attention towards their needs. Sexual attraction and sharing morals and goals are some of the key elements in any relationship, and love is what binds it all together, but the rollercoaster that surrounds this is merely because of the  two opposing species and their very different minds.



When I am around a man of my liking, I notice myself functioning at a higher intensity; I make direct eye contact, I position my body so it faces theirs and I exuberate most of my attention on them- like most women do. You’ve probably noticed, or come face to face, with a man who gives off an “I don’t care” approach in specific situations like arguments or body language. Shying from eye contact and not facing you is merely his poker face for trying to concentrate on what you’re doing. This type of body orientation that he may be displaying shouldn’t be interpreted as “uninterested”, but the complete opposite.


It may be hard to believe, but studies show that men are actually more emotional than women. Throughout youth and young adulthood, boys’ emotions are often masked with the evolution of time and its origin of having to compete for love and status. Once a man has grown and settled down, physiological studies have shown that they pay more attention to their relationships and their effort within a community. Match these statistics with a drop in testosterone levels and you’ve got yourself one emotive guy.


The next time you catch your man glancing in the direction of a blonde bombshell, think twice about it. As difficult as this is for me to say, it has been proven that men are actually hard wired to check out women. The hormone of a woman’s libido is testosterone and men have six times the amount, which weakens their impulsive sexual control. To put it frankly, if you’re out of his sight you’re more than likely out of his mind… but don’t be bothered by this, because you’re the one that he’s going home to.


            Within arguments or sticky situations, men care about one thing and one thing only: the solution. Aside from woman, who tend to ask questions, nit pick and act (sometimes) overdramatically, most men’s brains have a difficult time reacting with empathy when they see their partner in an emotional state. According to researchers from Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science, tears of sadness, frustration and stress in a relationship may in fact lower a mans testosterone levels. Indeed, crying is a way of healing and growing, and it exists in all forms of any relationship. However, keep in mind this information next time you’re tearful, while keeping sincere to your emotions. My advice: escape to your car, hit the gas, and drive to your closest friends house. I’m positive that she would welcome your tears and help you cool off with a glass of red and some girl talk.


            These are just few of the many differences between the minds of a man verses a woman. It’s crazy to see how different each gender functions, but it’s nice to know that our relationship flaws aren’t purely based on our characteristics, but further our hormones and the inner workings of our mentality. Cheers to that!