Air Conditioning and Your Health

Air Conditioning and Your Health

May 2013

Trisha B


The end of chilly weather is coming soon, meaning summer heat is right around the corner. And if this summer is going to be much like the last, it’s definitely going to be a scorcher. You might get the urge to put your air conditioning on blast, but here are some facts you may not know about the use of our beloved air conditioners.


Its existence has led us to depend on it in times of unbearable heat. It’s been around for many years, which doesn’t generally lead people to think that there are negative outcomes to constant use of it.


Whether you have summer road trips or any sort of travelling via automobile in mind for the upcoming season, the last thing you’ll probably want to do is sit in a car without air conditioning. The most common result to being an avid air conditioner user is the affect it has on your respiratory system. The sudden changes in temperature can lead someone to develop flu-type systems like runny noses. The unnatural cold environment that you would sulk in daily has the potential to weaken your immune system.  Air conditioners also don’t generally act as humidifiers so it can make air dry leading to dry skin and mucous membranes.


While using A/C in cars doesn’t pose any serious health risks, avoiding it when you can (like when it’s not too hot) is still better for your health. There’s no real alternative to keeping the interiors of your car cool that would be as effective as air conditioners. Some options can be keeping the windows rolled down or the sunroof open; or opting for more tinted windows can help to deflect the heat from the sun. If you’re a dedicated A/C user, make sure to keep it properly maintained. And when turning on the A/C upon entering the car, make sure to keep the windows open at the same time for a few moments to release the heat air that’s been trapped inside, helping to cool the air a lot faster.