Andrew Coimbra

Andrew Coimbra

By Meg Sharpley

Fashion Weekly got the chance to catch up with renowned Canadian designer Andrew Coimbra. His extensive experience with fashion houses Pink Tartan and Phillip Sparks helped Coimbra gain a profound appreciation for the world of fashion. He developed his own menswear line based on his style, drawing inspiration from contemporary art and youth culture. Join FW as we learn more about this up and coming designer.


FW: How did you get started in the fashion industry?

AC: I got started in the fashion industry by working freelance as a Stylist; it was a great networking opportunity, and I learned a lot about my aesthetic during the process. It was a great first step before interning with designers to become more well rounded.

FW: What or who inspires your pieces?

AC: I’m inspired by art and culture, mostly. I look at the world around me; current events, and how that effects our collective lifestyle, and try to draw elemental influence from that as influencers of the collection aesthetic or direction.

FW: What are your short term goals for the brand?

AC: It’s a major goal of mine to get picked up by a larger department store (Holt Renfrew, The Bay, Saks, etc.) It means so much for the Canadian fashion community to have that sort of industry support and platform for people to be exposed to the brand on a larger scale.

FW: What are your long term goals for the brand?

AC: I would love to have a brick and mortar shop in the future. It’s always been a long term goal of mine to be able to be at that point in the market where it makes sense to have a physical presence that can interact with the customer base.

FW: What has been the highlight of your career thus far?

AC: The highlight of my career so far would be being contacted by an editor of Seventeen Magazine to have my pieces flown to L.A. for a photoshoot there. It was really surprising, because he came across my brand on Instagram, and I thought that was amazing, and flattering.

FW: What obstacles have you encountered in your career?

AC: For me it boils down to two main things: resources and support. When I say resources I mean everything from financing and physical space to a selection of trims and fabrics that suit the needs to my brand and my demographic.

FW: How do you define your style?

AC: Classic yet contemporary menswear, inspired by youth culture and art.

FW: How do you define your brand?

AC: Cool, refined ease.

FW: How is your style different/same from your designs?

AC: I like to design garments that I would wear and enjoy. I think that it’s important to create things that are relatable to yourself, as well as your demographic.

FW: Where can we buy your products?

AC: ,,

FW: What advice do you have for others looking to enter the fashion industry?

AC: Know your brand.



Photographer: Brandon Titaro
Styling: Andrew Coimbra
Hair & Make Up: Robin Hagen
Model: Rachel S (Elite Toronto)

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