Andrew Coimbra

Andrew Coimbra

By Kelsey Lyons

Andrew Coimbra’s 2016 spring line is not only for men but women too.

Coimbra is a Canadian menswear designer in Toronto.
The line is inspired by the idea of trying to blur gender differences and attempts to provide clothing wearable for both genders.
“For the last six years and a half there’s been a discussion about gender and gender identity,” says Coimbra. “It’s such a shame, because women are so lucky. They’re able to put on a pair of [men’s] jeans and wear a man’s hoodie.”
So Coimbra wanted to explore the idea further by pushing men’s wear as something that women could wear too and make his clothes “gender-neutral.”

“So at the end of the day, if you look at half of the stuff in stores, I could put on a women’s pair of jeans and you wouldn’t even know,” he says.

Coimbra says that this isn’t necessarily accomplished by the designs, but it’s how the line is communicated.
A good example of this would be the two printed t-shirts in the line.

“They’re just basic t-shirts. If you put them on a woman it will fit one way, if you put it on a man, it will fit a different way, but they’re the same thing,” says Coimbra. “So it’s not necessarily the design itself, it’s about how the idea is communicated and that’s done through social media and brand principles and that sort of thing. So that’s kind of what I always push for.”
For this line Coimbra worked with an American painter, Luis Valencia. He created three portraits for Coimbra for the t-shirt trend.

SS16 look 9

“He’s so beautiful, his work’s really lovely,” says Coimbra.
“They are done as a reflection of identity. The subjects faces are turned away from the viewer, so you can tell that they’re men, but they arguably might not be.” This line also incorporates a lot of pinks and blues. Every season Coimbra researches trends and he found it interesting that when researching colour trends, there wasn’t much for pinks, blues and purples.

“It stuck out to me and I liked them and of course they represented the concept as well. But what was really cool was after the collection was released, Pantone announced the colour of the year was going to be a tie for the first time ever and it was a rose-quartz (pink) and serenity (blue),” says Coimbra. “So it was just so cool that the 2016 colour ended up working out to be an echo of what I ended up going for with my collection.” Coimbra says he uses current events to trigger inspiration for his designs.
This is seen in his upcoming fall collection, with regards to the environment and the oil spill off the coast of Vancouver a while back.

SS16 look 17
“So I thought about oil spills and the affect it has on marine life,” Coimbra says. “In the collection itself, there’s a lot of black fabrics, some texture pieces and I play around with the colour orange and how it has a sort of industrial quality.”

This line will appear in retail stores sometime in September 2016.

Photo Credits :

Photographer: Brandon Titaro
Hair & Make Up: Lauren Fisher
Models: Rachel (Elite Models) & Steve

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