App Building

App Building

July 2014

By Harija R.

Recently in one of the episodes of ‘Two and a Half Men’, the character Dr. Alan Harper talked to his housemate Walden Schmidt regarding his idea of creating an app that helps you find the nearest (cleanest) public washrooms around town. Alan’s washroom idea is definitely something to think about. This month Fashion Weekly Magazine took a look at new trends of regular people building their own apps.

Creating and building your own apps is common and here are some new app trends growing!


–          Due to new programs such as SnapChat, WhatsApp and WeChat; privacy is now a priority.

–          Since there are tons of new games through new apps creators, many of the games and entertaining programs are free.

–          Free programming comes with many SnapChat, WhatsApp and WeChat are causing many to stop using other online social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

–          However new platforms and new accessories such as Google Glass and even smart watches are on the rise.

–          Due to all the new apps, younger children are interested in learning more about technology and apps are becoming more focused on education.

–          Some apps are perfectly made to fit in everyone daily busy lifestyles, such as apps that tell you exactly what time your bus will arrive or any delays so you can make fast decisions.  

–          But sadly, due to all the new apps out there- people can’t put their devices down.

Overall, apps are great new innovations created by all sort of idealists. Each app has their positive benefits and negative outcomes. Made to make life easy- the choices are limitless!