Art Scene of Toronto

Art Scene of Toronto

May 2014

by Harija


This summer rather than staying indoors playing videos games; FashWeekly would recommend its readers to take a tour around the city of Toronto to see its artistic side. The city of Toronto is a multicultural city with tons of talents in every corner.

Art Yard:

An empty place rented by artists to display their work to the audience and it’s the newest rental gallery in Toronto.

Located in the Artscape Triangle Lofts Building


Communicating Vessels:

Featuring artists: Iain Baxter, Luis Jacob, Roula Partheniou and Judy Radul

It’s a creative way of bring three generation of Canadian artists together from different backgrounds. This particular show contains art pieces from the late 1965 to the present day and the artwork has a unique way of connecting with the audience through consciousness.


Olga Korper Gallery Presenting Angela Grauerholz:

This gallery showcases all the ghostly stories through her black and white photographs. This is a great event for those fearless individuals who would love learn more about the haunting stories in Toronto.


Mitsuo Kimura:

Kimura’s artwork is inspired by his Japanese heritage and his love for anime/cartoon has helped him to create his unique signature in the world of art. During the month of May his artwork will be featured I the Le Gallery, this is a great treat for those with a creative mind. Also, each piece of artwork create by Kimura has a story on its own.



Contact is known as the festival of photography. This event is perfect for all individuals obsessed with social media- who love playing with Instagram and twitter. It starts at the beginning of the May.


These are just a few artistic places to see in Toronto during the spring summer time. So, when the weather gets warmer- go outdoors and start opening up your imagination.