Auto Technology

Auto Technology


may 2014


It’s a well-known fact, that each family tends to own a vehicle; however nowadays rather than the family each individual member over the age of eighteen tends to have a car of their own. The world has advanced and similarly the technology in the vehicles has too.

Here are some new features that are placed in cars :

1)      Night Vision With Pedestrian Detection: This technology has been around for years however recently in the new models this technology is more updated and has the ability the save the lives of drivers as well as pedestrians/animals.

2)      Automatic High-Beam Control: While driving, the vehicle itself has the knowledge on whether to use high beam or not, so instead the drivers changing the beam and getting distracted this is a safer method.

3)      Cameras: This is a particular feature that has been around for year however recently it has been updated so that instead of just having one camera there are around five. This particular feature is placed to make an individual’s life easier but not lazier.

4)      In-Car Internet: Perfect way to get WIFI in moving vehicles.

5)      Parental Control: This app is for the parents who would like to keep their teens on the speed limit. This is a perfect way for them to control their audio system, speed limit and other features.

These features are all ways to make an individual’s life easier however it is still better for the drivers to always be safe while driving to protect themselves, passengers and the pedestrians.