Bachelor Pads

Bachelor Pads

June 2014

By Harija Ravitharan

A single man’s living space with a designed collective area used during free time is known as the bachelor pad.  It’s a place where a man can give himself some free space or even uses it to entertain his friends. Doesn’t matter where an individual is located, the ideal aspect of feeling comfort is the keen to being relaxed.

Fashion Weekly magazine has chosen to look at some coffee tables and ottomans for the Splurge versus Steal series that can be wicked choices for the your mans domain.


Coffee Table:


Hunter II Trunk: $815.59 from Crate and Barrel

Hunter II Trunk Splurge


Hunter Trunk: $499 from Taka Trunk

 Hunter Trunk Steal



Chocolate 22” Ottoman: $339.04 from Crate and Barrel

Ottoman Splurge


Black 2-in-1 Ottoman with Large Storage with a smaller Ottoman: $88 from Home Depot

 Ottoman Steal

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