Balancing your Tires for Foul Weather

Balancing your Tires for Foul Weather

By: Christopher Mello

 Tips and tricks on how to keep your vehicle safe and ready for the upcoming winter

Every year, we as Canadians are faced against winter, left to survive with the worst of weather conditions, known to man. A dreadful count of five to six months of winter crosses the country in Ontario every year, leaving the streets paved with a light cold snowy blanket, that can lead to injury, disability or worst. Fear not FW is here to provide you with three easy tips and tricks on how to keep your vehicle up-to-date, in moderation for your safety and well being.



Tip 1-Basic Maintenance

Although you find yourself following the suggested maintenance schedule, it’s a good thing to have an extra checkup from time to time, since having to wait for a tow truck on the side of the road is never a good thing, especially in the bone chilling winter. As a driver you should make sure the car fluids like oil, coolant/antifreeze, transmission and brake are all up-to-date. While you’re at it, you might as well check your lights and hazard, exhaust system, defogger/defroster are working and, even having your windshield wipers replaced from time to time.


penny trick

Trick 2- Tire Checkup

Generally tires are a topic thrown out the window, since quite often they must be changed due to usage and weather conditions, not to mention the significant expense they rank in, yet our safety is worth more. Do the checkup; grab a penny placing it between your fingers, having Queen Elizabeth II upside-down. At the lowest point on the tread, insert the penny, if her Ladyships head is covered your good to go, but if you can see some part of her head, then its time for a tire replacement.


Tip 3- Snow Tire Investment

Since we live with the abominable snowman in Canada, we might as well be prepared, being able to stop when needed, incase a child or animal, jumps out at you in a snowstorm. Having your all weather tires, switched to winter tires, is the best thing you as a driver could do, to be cautious. The winter tires allow for you to continue driving smoothly up hills, while also allowing for you to be able to making smooth easy sharp turn. Most of all, don’t forget to buy the salt, incase you do not want to invest in snow tires. The salt can protect you from slips and trips, that won’t land you into a hospital, or bed ridden.