Be gone Post-Work out Pain Natural Ways to Ease the Soreness After your Workout

Be gone Post-Work out Pain Natural Ways to Ease the Soreness After your Workout

By: Christopher Mello

 April 2014

While we eagerly imagine the idea of a warm summerset breeze flowing past our legs in summer, we force our bodies to endure through physical activity just so we can have what we call a “summer body”. Though some of us push our bodies regularly keeping at a peak health, while the majorities do the typical winter hibernation. It’s important to stay fit, and keep healthy and eat right, so for those of us who choose the bears life of winter, we have four months to whip our bodies into the “summer body” hawt! Rather then forcing your body to endure the massive after effect of a sore sensation, teach yourself to practice a few natural ways to ease the post-workout sore muscles. 


Before you start your work out, make sure you do a little wake-up stretch, simply to awaken your sleeping muscles, so that they are prepared somewhat for what they are about to endure through. Meaning, do not try and do the splits, before your body is warm enough, since that typically leads to pulled and ripped fibers in your muscles, also meaning that will lead to an expensive recovery with a physiotherapist and other money eating expenses. While your working out, whether that be at the gym, yoga, dance, etc make sure you stay hydrated- since that will replenish the muscle loss and cleanse your immune system. 


Once you’ve completed your workout be sure to stretch your muscles out again, but with a wider and stronger flexibility range, this will relax the muscles that were just used, and also lengthen them. Massaging the used muscles with a tennis ball, will release them, and cause for a tighter look, also allowing for you to be able to walk again. Most important, be sure to replenish those lost nutrients with proteins like bananas, apples, chocolate, milk and beans, allowing for your body to rebuild what was lost, thus gaining in toning.