Beaumont Kitchen- The full Saks experience

Beaumont Kitchen- The full Saks experience

By Kelsey Lyons

It’s the full Saks experience. Nothing brings up an appetite quite like shopping and spending your greens. Beaumont Kitchen is located beside the shoe/jewellery section of the Saks store, newly opened in Sherway Gardens late Feb.


I had the pleasure of dining there earlier this week, sparkling water and tow.
The restaurant is everything you can imagine about a New York City dining experience. With exquisite chandeliers, booths, couches and elegant dining chairs. Sitting at my table, I could see right through to the kitchen, it’s interesting to see the chefs making their creations.

I tried two dishes, the first being the Linguine ($19). This dish is made up of prawns, bay scallops, white whine and basil pesto and fresh parmesan sprinkled on top. The linguine was beautifully displayed. The sauce was rich and creamy, with the just the right amount of pasta. Nothing kills a dish than drowning it in sauce and the chef was sure not to make this mistake. Something you would expect from an upscale restaurant is the serving sizes, this meal in particular came with no sides and was satisfying but not completely filling. However, it was a tasteful meal and quality most definitely outweighs quantity.


I also tried the Braised beef brisket ($17), my second favourite dish. It was both filling and delicious. It was made of pulled beef covered in barbeque sauce, a coleslaw sauce, paired with a milk bun. The beef was well dressed and the purple coleslaw was rich and truly made the meal elegant. This meal could come with either a side salad or fries.


Overall, the service was great. The restaurant isn’t terribly busy during the day. I can imagine it speeds up later in the evening. The waitress continued to check on us and refill our glasses with water throughout the meal.

I would recommend a visit to Beaumont Kitchen after a long day of shopping or to celebrate the end of the work day. The prices are moderate to high and there is a variety of tasteful dishes offered. The restaurant also offers daily drink specials, offering half price wine bottles, eight dollar cocktails and more.

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