Beautiful Architecture From Around the World

Beautiful Architecture From Around the World

By Rachel Luisetto

Planning your next adventurous trip and want some breathtaking sights to see? Fashion Weekly has got it covered! Here are some of the most beautiful buildings from around the world that definitely deserve a spot on your must-see bucket list.

The Sagrada Familia – Barcelona, Spain


This exquisite church has been in the making since 1882. Today, the construction of the church is based on a renowned architect Antoni Gaudi’s original vision of producing a visual representation of the Bible. With awe-inspiring high ceilings, intricate stonework and captivating sculptures, this church will leave you speechless. After all, a church that has been in the making for over a hundred years is truly worth a visit! (, 2014)

Winter Palace – Saint Petersburg, Russia


The Winter Palace is one of the most popular sights to see in Saint Petersburg. Other than its beautiful architecture, the palace is a cultural representation of the city’s historic past. The palace was redesigned in the 1750’s by architect Francesco Rastrelli and its exterior has had very little alterations to this day. The Winter Palace was home to many emperors and empresses over the decades but it is now known as the State Hermitage Museum, one of the largest art museums in the world. It consists of about 1,995 windows and 1,057 mesmerizing halls. (, 2014)

Potala Palace – Tibet, China


Potala Palace is also known as the highest palace in the world, reaching at a total of 12,359.55 feet high on top of Red Mountain. It is broken into two parts that were constructed in the 1650’s, the Red Palace and the White Palace. Both consist of enormously high walls and winding stairways. The Red Palace was solely for religious study and Buddhist prayer whereas the White Palace was the residence of the Dali Lama. Today, Potala Palace is a state museum. (, 2014)