Beauty Tips for the MEN in our lives!

Beauty Tips for the MEN in our lives!

June 2014

By Harija Ravitharan

When one hears the term, “beauty” they quickly connect it with women and makeup. But many tend to forget that even men have they own beauty tricks and tips. For example, tips to reduce dark eyes or even to have a better shave. Here are five things that men can do to keep their skin soft and healthy.

1)      Dry/Rough Skin


To heal dry and rough skin, get some refined coconut oil and lightly warm it up. Then after it cools down apply the coconut oil on all the dry and rough area and soon your hand will feel soft. Also, the oil will remove all the layers of the dry skin cell and softens it.

2)      Wrinkles


A long day of stress and even age tends to created wrinkles, so try to moisturize and exfoliate the skin a lot. Also, try to avoid drink caffeine and cut back on fried fast food. Instead, try to eat food with vitamin C and A food products.

3)      White Teeth


Stay away from caffeine is the best way to have white teeth is to eat fruit such as strawberries and even banana peels can help whiten teeth faster.

4)      Dark circles


Remove under eye problems such as dark circles and by place two slices of cucumber on your eyes. Also, eating vegetables such as celery can add fluid to the body and helps brighten eyes dark spots.

5)      Safer Shave


After shaving many men feel a slight burn due to the heavy impact of the blades on the skin. Well applying olive oil or even almond oil on the affected area which can reduce the pain right away.