July 2013

By Samantha

As the weather warms, it is becoming harder and harder to be indoors. Thoughts of ice cold drinks, warm sunshine and relaxing days take over every waking moment. Embrace these thoughts while we explore some of the greatest beaches in the world. Whether you are loyal to Canadian vacations or crave the exotic, we have a little something for everyone. So, sit back, relax and get a pen ready to plan your next vacation!

1 – The Maldives

This gorgeous destination is located near the Equator southwest of Sri Lanka. Complete with the deep blue water of the Indian Ocean, turquoise reefs and white sands, this spot is the perfect place to relax on a beach, while admiring the thousands of fish swimming through the corals just steps away from where you sit.

Perks: Luxury Accommodations, White Sands, and Snorkeling

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2 – Chesterman Beach, Tofino, British Columbia

Another white sand beach, Tofino is considered one of the best on the west coast. Perfect for those who want to vacation in Canada, this 2.7 km stretch of beach features tide pools and perfect waves for surfing.

Perks: Bed & Breakfasts, Marine Life, and Surfing

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3 – Punalu’u Beach, The Big Island, Hawaii

This list could not be complete without a Hawaiian beach—Punalu’u Beach is famous for its jet-black sand, and its endangered green sea turtles. This beach is one of the few areas that turtles chose to lay their eggs. The black sands make for a uniquely different beach experience—camping, relaxing, picnicking and swimming are some of the endless possibilities at this Hawaiian locale.

Perks: Endangered Species, Black Sands, and Camping

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4 – Rabbit Beach, Lampedusa, Islands of Sicily

Considered the best beach in Europe, and arguably the world, Rabbit Beach is located on the island of Lamepdusa off the south coast of Sicily. This white sand beach is coddled by rocky landscape—the turquoise waters are the only entrance, accessible by boat.

Perks: White Sands, Protected Habitat, Sea Turtles

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5 – Patricia Lake, Jasper, Alberta

This Canadian spot is truly a hidden gem—Patricia Lake is accessibly by hike and offers a secluded retreat from the world. The scenery is serene and picturesque with the Rocky Mountains in the not-so-distant background. The lake also holds an interesting part of Canadian history. The remains of an aircraft carrier prototype from a top-secret World War II mission lays at the bottom of the clear water.

Perks: Privacy, History, and Hiking

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6 – Trunk Bay, St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands

Trunk Bay is part of a National Park beach on the island of St. John in the Caribbean. A hotspot for cruise ship passengers, this beautiful white sand beach is rated as one of the world’s most beautiful beaches by the National Geographic Society, complete with an underwater trail for snorkeling its coral reef.

Perks: Snorkeling, White Sands, Cruise Ship spot

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7 – Whitehaven beach, Queensland, Australia

Last stop on our beach tour is all the way down under. Whitehaven Beach is a 7km stretch along Whitsunday Island, accessible by boat from the mainland. The white sands consist of silica, which contribute to the bright white color. The local rocks do not contain silica; therefore, the beach is created by the sea currents over millions of years. The fine silica sand does not retain heat, allowing you to walk barefoot in the hottest of temperatures.

Perks: Silica sand, Turquoise Waters, Coves

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These are simply the tip of the iceberg of the world’s greatest beaches. Each comes with a unique factor to draw you in, fantastic scenery to get you there and an unforgettable experience to last a lifetime. Now, drop that pen, pick your favorite and get ready for a trip of lifetime!