Best Hair & Makeup at Fashion Week: Desperately Different

By: Katya Revenko, FW

Personally one of my favourite and perhaps
understated collections of L’Oreal Fashion Week
was Katya Revenko with their amazing use of
hair and make up on the runway. Katya Revenko
did metallics in makeup (a long side the amazing
clothes) better then anyone else I’ve seen thus far.
Very dramatic but not over bearing, metallics can
be a disaster waiting to happen, but this collection
pulled it off magically. Silver eye shadow was the
core of their styling, a long side beautiful long,
tousled locks. I absolutely adore the mix of sheer
on the lips, with charcoals, grey, and silver on the
eyes. A perfect combination of colour that never
gets out of control.

Pink Tartan
Pink Tartan offered the most inspired hair
and make up at L’Oreal Fashion Week. Offering a
homage to vintage (a common theme through out
Pink Tartan’s collections). Though hair was hidden
beneath grey garden themed vintage scarves, and
eyes often covered by bold spectacles, make up was
still a strong focus in their collection. Bold colours
and vibrant fire engine red on the lips, smoky
liquid eyeliner eyes and long eyelashes. Pouty lips,
and wavy locks. A throw back to classic and yet
dramatic screen sirens and femme fatales.
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Playdead Cult & Damzels
Playdead Cult & Damzels offered one of the
most fun loving and easy going collections. Wild,
and fierce Playdead’s hair was the obvious stand
out. 80’s high to the top ponytails, electrified
lengths, and curls. Make up was also impressive
with equally fun with pinks and pastels on eyes
and lips. There was nothing quiet about this
collection, and all eyes were on these damzels. A
definite reflection on Blondie and the post-punk
era. It was obviously the main muse to creators
Rory Lindo and Kelly Freeman. Funky, punky,
and over all a stand out in this years fashion week.

Andy The Anh
Andy The Anh portrayed a wonderful
combination of daring and sophisticated hues.
Pinks, reds, and splashes of purple were a grand
part of the makeup scheme in his collection. A
long side bouffant hairstyles, perched at the top
of models heads hair and make up was a mix
of femininity and structure. Anh is known for
his clash of business and pleasure, and this is
definitely a long the same line. The main focus
for me was the use of eye shadow, the pinks and
purples were so visually striking it almost takes
the focus off of the clothes.