Best Valentine’s Day Reads

Best Valentine’s Day Reads

February 2014

By Lianne B.

The Fault in Our Stars

the fault in our stars

By John Green

            Although this novel is categorized as teen fiction, it is adored by readers of all ages.  It is the story of a young girl named Hazel, who suffers from cancer.  Her mother, eager to get Hazel out of the house, convinces her to participate in a support group for kids with cancer.  This is where Hazel meets Augustus Waters, a boy who will change her life forever.  It is a magnificent story of youth, loss, family and love.


Love the One You’re with

love the one youre with

By Emily Griffin

            This is a novel about the one that got away.  Emily Griffin tells the story of a happily married couple, Ellen and Andy, and of how they’re devotion and love is put to the test when Ellen runs into her long lost ex-boyfriend, Leo.  Reuniting with Leo after so many years brings back emotions that Ellen had forgotten about or even brushed aside, and makes her question the life path that she has chosen for herself.


The Notebook


By Nicholas Sparks

            Author of numerous well known novels such as A Walk to Remember, Dear John, The Last Song, The Lucky One etc… No one tells a love story quite like Nicholas Sparks.  Most of you have probably seen or heard of the movie The Notebook, but rest assured that  taking the time to read this timeless novel will be worth every second spent.  What started off as a summer romance between two teenagers turns into one of greatest love stories that’s ever been told.  Sparks tells the love story of Allie and Noah.  Their love is unlike any other, and time and distance only makes their love grow stronger. 


The Truth about Forever


By Sarah Dessen

            In this novel, Sarah Dessen tells the story of a young girl who finds love when and where she least expected to.  Macy planned on spending her entire summer working, studying, spending time with her mother and missing her seemingly perfect boyfriend who is away at camp.  She unexpectedly finds herself an exciting job, and meets a dreamy, artistic boy who makes her question not only her plans for the summer but also her attitude towards life. 



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