Blog TO

Blog TO

June 2013

Megan Dussin

BlogTO has quickly become Torontonians’ go-to blog for updates on events, reviews, and happenings in the GTA. Editor in chief, Derek Flack, has taken the Toronto blog scene by storm, revolutionizing the basic blog format into an interactive, consistently updated forum for discussion and debate. Not only does the blog publish articles, reviews, and photographs from its staff contributors, but Flack also publishes work submitted by aspiring journalists and photographers.



Updated regularly, blogTO features stories on the city’s hottest patios, food trucks, street style, music festivals, fashion shows, and every other aspect of

Toronto’s culture. It has singlehandedly become the one blog that features all areas of Toronto’s city life and easily caters to all levels of blog savvy users.



Perhaps one of the blog’s most popular claims to fame is the Best of Toronto section which features anything from the best seafood restaurants to the best late night sandwiches to the best DIY spots in the city. It has become nearly impossible to search a Toronto hotspot, event, or review on Google without blogTO being one of the first links to appear.


Flack is known throughout the city as perhaps the most important man to please as one of his reviews on blogTO can oftentimes make or break a new business. Everyone from top journalists and critics to the local neighbourhood hipster respects Flack’s opinions and viewpoints on everything Toronto, and he is now one of the most influential people on the scene. Not only has he created a blog that speaks to the masses, but also he has maintained a sense of individuality and flair that cannot be challenged.