BOJANA SENTALER: Behind the coats…

BOJANA SENTALER: Behind the coats…

By Dina El Hallak

Cold. Depressing. Unpleasant. This is how a lot of Canadians describe
Canada during the brutal winter months. Budding Canadian designer Bojana
Sentaler has given us a line that will surely lessen the sting. Bye, bye
frostbite! Effective, ergonomic, and downright fabulous, Sentaler’s
jackets are fast-becoming a winter wardrobe essential for any fashion
connoisseur north of the border. An all-Canadian shenanigan, her brand has
grown rapidly since its establishment in 2009. So, continue reading below
to find out all you need to know about Sentaler jackets 1 the mastermind
behind them. You don’t want to miss out.

Her trip featured stints in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and South
America. This trip allowed her to truly appreciate the beauty and vibrancy
of the world’s different styles and return to Toronto full of inspiration
and bustling with ideas. Each region gave her something truly unique to
work with, and most significantly, she was introduced to Alpaca fabric
while in South America. Alpaca is the natural fiber harvested from an
alpaca. It is a lightweight, soft, durable, luxurious and silky material
that would form the basis for her fashion-forward, magnificent new coats.

With inspirations ranging from household fashion icons like Audrey
Hepburn, to more contemporary figures like Victoria Beckham, the medley of
influences acquired by Sentaler have culminated into stylish, comfortable
and fashion-forward designs. She also gets a lot of influence from street
styles she sees abroad, during her many travelling opportunities. In an
interview with Fashion studio magazine, she claimed to enjoy sitting in
cafés on her trips and watching peoples’ sense of style. This hobby helped
her broaden her view of fashion trends and lead her to define her personal
preference, which she clearly reflected in her products.


The success of Bojana’s venture is a culmination of all her life
achievements and experiences. She designed her collection of colorful,
warm, and elegant coats, and developed her business plans and strategies
with all the lessons she learned and tools she obtained from her
education, her travelling and her passion for all things chic.


Her Fall/Winter 2015 designs take two different stylistic directions:
Loose and Fitted. The “poncho style” has a more laid back, casual vibe,
while the fitted variety strikes an oxymoronic balance between edgy and
formal, while keeping it teeming with class.

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