Booklore Staff Picks

Booklore Staff Picks

Jan 2014



We went into Booklore, an independent book store located just outside of Toronto in Orangeville to chit chat about the staff’s favorite books.  Brenda Juno and Nancy Frater told us a little about the books they would recommend to you, and why they love these books themselves.  


The 100 Year Old Man

By Jonas Jonasson

the 100 year old man

“The 100 Year Old Man is a best seller in Sweden, and the translation to English is excellent.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever had one person come back to the store who didn’t absolutely love it.  The story starts out on a man’s 100th birthday that is being celebrated at the retirement home in which he lives.  The man, however, decides he didn’t want to attend his birthday party.  So, he puts his slippers on, goes to the nearest bus depot and buys himself a ticket to wherever his last quarters can get him.  As the old man is waiting for the bus, a younger man asks him to watch his suitcase for him while he uses the men’s room.  The young man returns only to find out that the older man mistakenly got on the bus with his suitcase.  The book then follows the story of the young man chasing after the old man, as there is something very important in his suitcase.  It is really an excellent and hilarious story.”

–          Nancy Frater



How the Light Gets In

By Louise Penny

how the light gets in

“The author sets the mysteries in a small, fictional town located just outside of Montreal, called Three Pines.  It is so well done that you can practically smell the cooking from the bistro and you can feel the fire in the end.  The book deals with issues surrounding good versus evil, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading a good mystery novel.”

–          Nancy Frater





The Cuckoo’s calling

J.K. Rowlling

the cuckoo's calling

“J.K Rowlling, wrote a novel when she was finished the Harry Potter series, but it was unfortunately not well received.   Consequently, when she released The Cuckoo’s Calling, she did it under a different name; Robert Galbraith.  What happened was, however, that when people started to read the novel and to review it, they noticed it was much too well written to be a debut author’s.  This book really is excellent, I hope she continues.”

Nancy Frater


The Silent Wife

By A. S.  A. Harrison


“This book was written by a Toronto author named A. S. A. Harrison, who actually passed away right before the book the came out.  It is a psychological thriller and is written from the point of view of both a husband and a wife.  At the very beginning of the book, the wife says; “If I would have known a few months ago that I was going to be a killer, I wouldn’t have believed it”.  So, you know where the book is going, but it’s a matter of how it will get there.  It is a story of a marriage that looks perfect on the surface, but all of the things that are happening below the surface are what ruin it.”

–          Brenda Juno


The Book Thief

By Markus Zusak


“The Book Thief has been a favorite here ever since it came out.  The story is narrated by death, and if anyone would have told me before reading the book that I would ever feel sorry for death, I wouldn’t have believed them.  For death, is it just a job.  It is a tiresome job that he has had to do for millennia.  This is story of death’s interactions with a young girl whom he calls the book thief.  It is meant for teens, but I always say that being older and having life experiences brings so much more to the book.”



Every Day

By David Levithan

every day

“Every Day is the story of A.  A exists every day in a different body for twenty four hours, no matter what.  He has experienced everything; he’s been rich, poor, male, female, drug addict, famous athlete.  On this particular day, he falls in love with a girl and he is trying to figure out how to maintain that love when he’s in a different body every day.  The big message is the question of how much of who we are is based on our physical appearance, and how much of it is who we really are on the inside.”  



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