Bootcamp a Mans Way

Bootcamp a Mans Way

June 2013

Taylor Mckenna

As I walked into the gym, the first thing that caught my eye  was of course the muscular males lingering the weight section, as if they were vultures waiting for their pray. I planted myself on a treadmill where I had complete view of the male population. My eyes started to wonder and I began analyzing a male’s way of working out.


They have a basic  “do not disturb” method.

 Intense lifts, a quick sip of his protein shake and repeat emphasizing every muscle in his body.  

So what is it that men do that women don’t? Do we not focus the same way or is it our bodies that are different?

Just looking at it from a prospective of a boot camp- he one major thing that stood out was don’t lose focus- stay on track and keep tunnel vision- workout workout workout! Hydrate hydrate hydrate. Repeat Repeat Repeat!