Broome + Bow

Broome + Bow

November 2013

Keep your eyes peeled, this is one upcoming shopping website that you will want to know about. Broome + Bow is a Toronto-based brand that aims to change online shopping by personalizing clothing rentals. The perk here is that stylists choose different pieces, based on your personal style, that you may not have thought of purchasing.


Here’s how it works: Fill out your style profile – detail your personal style, body type and fashion needs. For a monthly fee of $49, stylists shop all the best closets to bring you 1-2 pieces in a box from contemporary and unique designers. Keeps the items from that box for as long as you like—if you change your mind, use the pre-paid return shipping to send those items back and wait for your next shipment! If you really can’t part with some of the items, an option to buy could arise at a special members’ price!


Whether you don’t have time find new pieces, crave stylist fashion choices or need help shopping, Broome + Bow wants to the work for you. Take any stress out of shopping, and reap the benefits of this new online experience!