Calling All Foodies!

Calling All Foodies!

Jul 2013

By Sarah A.

In a recent excursion through Toronto’s downtown core, I lost myself in China town; upbeat, authentic and lively. When asking for directions on how to get home, I stumbled upon Kensington Market, which was voted as one of the top ten markets in the world by National Geographic. Walking down Augusta Avenue, all of my senses opened up; people of all nationalities were together celebrating art, love and food. From vegan cafes to burrito bars, chocolatiers and pastry shops, juice bars and espresso bars- you name it, Kensington has got it! 


            I was starving, and it was a sunny day, so a spot with a patio was a must. Wanda’s Pie in the Sky, located at 287 August Ave., caught my eye. I had heard about it through friends and decided I should try it out. I walked inside to total chaos, but not an uncomfortable chaos, a rather delightful one. The open kitchen mixed with the kind employees (who were tattooed, foreign, and super cute), and the insane amount of homemade pies stole my heart and made my mouth immediately water. I ended up ordering an iced tea and a big bowl of fresh quinoa salad. Yum. I was tempted by the pies- but desert was my next stop.


            Miss Cora’s Kitchen, at 69 Kensington Ave, is a bakery that is infamous for their cupcakes of all kinds- mini, large, gluten-free, and vegan! (I have to say, being a vegan myself; I was pretty much in veg-head-heaven). I took one look at the vegan coconut cupcake and the next thing I knew, it was in my belly. Light, fluffy, moist, and delicious! I highly recommend this one, and they cater too!


            Stuffed, I decided to walk for a bit. I ventured into little shops, inhaling incents and browsing at vintage clothes- I even met a few of the shop owners! The sun was only getting hotter, so I figured it would be a nice time for a drink. I stopped at Moonbeam Coffee Company, located at 30 St. Andrew Street, and fixated my eyes on the different coffees: organic, rainforest alliance blends and signature blends. I ordered myself an iced fair trade coffee and walked over to Trinity Bellwood’s Park. I sat and took in the beautiful sunshine, people, and talent that surrounded me.


Not a vegan? Plan your Kensington tour to fit what you like! Other popular restaurants:


Fresco’s Fish & Chips, 213 August Ave
The Grilled Cheese, 66 and a half Nassau Street

Ronnie’s Local 069, 69 Nassau Street