Can I get a Shot of “Grace Undone” by Greta Constantine

Can I get a Shot of “Grace Undone” by Greta Constantine

Greta Constantine’s Spring Summer 2014 Debut

By Christopher Mello


Designers of Greta Constantine, Stephen Wong and Kirk Pickersgill- showcased their Spring 2014 collection at the TIFF Lightbox’s Malaparte, foreshadowing over downtown Toronto, easily having the height of the building a way of describing these two are one of the heads in Toronto’s leading fashion lifecycle, with innovative and brilliantly designed garments, paying the utter most attention to the females body, in proportion and silhouette.


Greta Constantine’s collection featured 23 garments in total, spanning from colourful daywear to cocktail dresses and gowns. Flared mini skirts, bows and ruffles were the main attraction to the seasons looks, with an-add on twist of cutouts, making for a little risky edge to the gowns. Plenty of shift dresses were in play with different takes on them, by adding pletted skirts that flared out or dropped front to back minis. Major colour schemes played with were a muted salmon, whites, navy and black. The collection pushed forward not the idea of how the garment appeals, but how the garment moves with the body, typically what every woman is on the prowl for. Textiles used were a balance of microfiber knits and silk faille.


The night started off with the traditional sit down and watch fashion show for about 50 exclusive guests, better yet known as some of the A-list industry people, later on followed by a cocktail reception, where the models greeted the B-list guest. In having the event exclusive to another form, in dividing the guests by two groups, made for an interesting night, having less coverage for fashion exposure. Although the outcome lead to a frenzy of mingling, drinking and partying with sponsorship by Stolichnaya Vodka, Glaceau Smartwater, MAC Cosmetics.