Canada’s GROUP OF 7


While the fashion world is often commanded by
runway shows in Paris, New York and Milan,
Canada has slowly begun to emerge as a heavyhitter
on the fashion front. Toronto is home to
L’Oreal Fashion Week every October. This is
when Canadian designers – new and old- grace
the stylish runways and confirm what many
fashion-forward individuals already know:
Canada has some serious fashion talent.

Leading the stylish group of designers is the
often lauded, Group of 7. Comprised of design
talent from all over our nation, they create the
latest looks and much talked about buzz of
Toronto Fashion Week.

With Fashion Week a couple of months
away, it’s about time FW introduced you to some
of Canada’s very best- consider it your fashion

Born and raised right here in Toronto, Dixon
has become the go-to designer in the Canadian
fashion scene. Enjoying a multitude of media
acclaim and praise from some of Canada’s most
notorious fashionistas, Dixon is well on his way
to cementing his spot as a leader in Canadian
fashion. But what else should one expect from
someone who apprenticed with Alfred Sung at the
beginning of his fashion career?

Known for his ultra romantic frocks and
clean lines and silhouettes, the designer hasgarnered fans from all over- including a handful
of Hollywood starlets. Modern, innovative and
luxurious are just a few words that encompass
the Dixon design theory. Moving beyond
just clothing, Dixon recently launched a shoe
collection sold exclusively at Town Shoes.

Camilleri began her fashion career almost
immediately after graduating from fashion design school
in 1984. But after a significant hiatus from the designing
world, she re-launched her brand in 2000 and since then, has
generated a lot of buzz for creating modern designs for the modern
woman. Camilleri boasts a large celeb following who appreciate her

sophisticated and smart collection
Considered an icon in ladies fashion in
Canada, Camilleri’s collections usually play
with various textures – her favourite? None
other than black leather. Now, can you think of
anything sexier?
Caoc’s fashion career started out on a good
note…a really good note. He was the protégé of
renowned Canadian designer Lida Biday. Since
launching his own collection in 1995, Caoc has
become an inevitable star in Canadian fashion.
Fashionistas love him. The media loves him. And
it’s certainly understandable upon inspection of his various collections.
Caoc favours innovative structuring,
intricate details in pleating, draping and
tucking and ensures that his clothes fit to

Creating unique pieces that will surely
become classics, Caoc aims to dress the
modern woman with a sophisticated and
unique touch- just what we Canadians love most

endonça is known for his vibrant and energetic collections.
His clothes are often known for exuding sexiness, boasting
remarkable silhouettes and being as bold as the women who wear

With a strong celeb fan base (including Canadian songstress Nelly Furtado),

Mendonça has come a long way since receiving a fashion
design degree from Toronto’s Ryerson University
and even boasts an apprenticeship with fellow
‘Group of 7’ member, David Dixon, earlier in his

Since his label launch in 2003, Mendonça has
consistently garnered positive recognition and
accolades, and has even presented his collection
in London, LA and New York City.

The Montreal-based designer has quickly won
the hearts of fashion’s most fickle consumers.
Femininity is the name of the game with this
designer, creating pieces that evoke feminine
charm and full-out glamour.

Thé-Anh’s customers flock to his stores inMontreal (and now Toronto’s Yorkville district!)
to peruse his latest looks, which seemingly never
disappoint. Now considered one of the hottest
shows at Toronto Fashion Week, the designer
continues his upward climb to the top of the
fashion game.

Kimberley Newport-Mimran is the creative force
behind the brand which has quickly become
a favourite to some of the most well-known
celebrities and models. With a degree in fashion
merchandising and manufacturing from George
Brown College, Newport-Mimran started out her
fashion career working at the buying office of the
Hudson Bay Company. She then went on to work
for Club Monaco and later founded Pink Tartan
in 2002 with her husband and business partner,
Joseph Mimran (the man behind such names as
Alfred Sung, Club Monaco and Joe Fresh).

The label offers ladies the chance to be
sophisticated and smart, without compromising
their femininity. Known for their party dresses
and well-tailored jackets, Newport-Mimran’s
looks have certainly made the Pink Tartan
runway shows among the hottest and most
buzzed about at L’Oreal Fashion Week.

The ladies of Comrags (Joyce Gunhouse and Judy
Cornish) first met at Ryerson University, after
multiple projects brought the two together. After
participating in a mini fashion show organized by
their friends, an independent retailer took notice
and offered the ladies a consignment deal to sell
their designs. August 1983- the birth of Comrags.
And the reception was overwhelmingly positive.
Known for their signature patterns and different
textures, Comrags has become a favourite in
the Canadian fashion scene. Now producing
exclusively in-house, the designers ensure that
their clothes boast excellent style and exceptional
quality. Additionally, the clothes are entirely

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