Caylee Wasilenko – Canada’s Best Beauty Talent Winner

Caylee Wasilenko – Canada’s Best Beauty Talent Winner

Fri July 6th 2012

By Jennifer

Caylee Wasilenko, of Hype Studio in Vancouver, was one of the fierce competitors on Canada’s Best Beauty Talent. Her years of experience and passion for creating unique hairstyles pushed her to the top of the pack and helped her earn the title of Canada’s Best Beauty Talent. Fashion Weekly got the chance to have a conversation with her about her work on the show and her next steps in her career since winning the title.

Fashion Weekly:
How long have you been at Hype Studio in Vancouver, British Columbia?

Caylee Wasilenko: I bought Hype three years ago and have been running it since then, but before that it was a salon for seven years.

Fashion Weekly: How long have you been styling hair?

Caylee Wasilenko: I have been styling hair for seventeen years. I was looking for a job in high school and my hairdresser at the time said it would be a good idea to work in a salon. So he hired me to do shampoos, I loved the atmosphere of the salon and eventually went to hair dressing school. From there I worked at good salon and learned expert techniques.

Fashion Weekly: What do you love most about hairstyling?

Caylee Wasilenko: I love that every day of work is different. I get to interact with many different people, I get to create many different styles, and the industry is always changing. It makes it exciting to keep up with everything, the industry is creative with structure.

Fashion Weekly: Why did you decide to take part in Canada’s best beauty talent?

Caylee Wasilenko: A family friend sent me the link with information about the show and it sounded like me so I decided to give it a shot and sent the audition tape in for fun. I always like a challenge!

Fashion Weekly: So you say you like a challenge, what was the most challenging part of the show?

Caylee Wasilenko: I would have to say, coming up with the looks on the spot. The first challenge had a very specific inspiration so it was easy to come up with a look. When we had 45 minutes to figure out a style and execute it, that was tough. I had to get used to thinking on my feet and sticking with my initial idea since there was no time to second guess.

Fashion Weekly: Which challenge was your favorite from the show?

Caylee Wasilenko: The forties style Elizabeth Taylor challenge was definitely my favorite. The inspiration was great and I love the forties and the traditional finger waves. The model was perfect and I got to work with Marcia who was my favorite makeup artist, everything really came together on that one.

Fashion Weekly: What did you think of the judges and the host Coco Rocha?

Caylee Wasilenko: Everyone was really great. I thought that the feedback was very honest and fair. It was really fun when the judges couldn’t agree with each other. Watching their debates was interesting!

Fashion Weekly: Who did you see as your greatest competition in the show?

Caylee Wasilenko: Well, going into it I knew Patrick and thought that he would be my biggest competition, but even though he was super talented, he got sent home on first challenge. Mathew was the last standing and I thought that was fair, he is a great stylist.

Fashion Weekly: What are your plans moving forward from the show?

Caylee Wasilneko: The show has been a really great boost for the salon. I want to focus on building up my team of talented girls. I have been working in this industry for years and I want young stylists to experience the success that I have. The Success I have gained from the show is now pouring over onto my team

Fashion Weekly: Who are you hoping to see and the Toronto international film festival?

Caylee Wasilenko: Well I have to delay my trip until next year because my second child is due in October! So I haven’t given it too much thought since I’m putting it on hold.

Fashion Weekly: Congratulations! That’s Amazing! What are some of your favorite hair products to use?

Caylee Wasilenko: I work strictly with L’oreal Professionnel Texture Expert line. It is high end and with the conditioning formula it makes hair soft and beautiful.

Fashion Weekly: What is one hair product would you suggest for ladies to use this summer to avoid dryness or frizzines in the heat?

Caylee Wasilenko: To avoid dryness I would use Absolut Repair Masque Conditioner weekly. For frizziness I would suggest the Mythic Oil, both by L’oreal Professionnel.

Fashion Weekly thanks Caylee Wasilenko for taking time out of her schedule to speak with us and we wish her continued success in the future. If you would like to book at appointment at Caylee’s salon, Hype Studio you can call them at 604 732 4973.