Celeb’s Summer Staple: Blazers

Celeb’s Summer Staple: Blazers

“This particular article is dedicated to all the women out there who are struggling with their workplace’s dress code”

As the weather gets warmer, may people start reorganizing their closets with their favorite pieces of summer dresses to shorts. However, in reality most workplaces don’t allow an individual to bring their personal style into the office due to lack of professionalism. Therefore, in this article we will focus of a key clothing piece that every woman owns: “Blazers!”

In a recent survey by TrendTruck, many women have stated that they love wearing blazers as a daily essential.
So here are some ways to style your blazers – looks stolen from celebrities.

Blazer 1: Collarless Tailored Blazer With Sharp Shoulders – Jessica Alba
Celeb's Summer Staple Blazer 1

Blazer 2: Tux Blazer With Zip Pockets & Leather-Cuffs – Eva Longoria
Celeb's Summer Staple Blazer 2

Blazer 3: Single Button Leopard Print Blazer – Gisele Former Victoria Secret’s Model
Celeb's Summer Staple Blazer 3

Blazer 4: Longline Fitted Blazer With Rolled-Up Sleeves – Dakota Johnson
Celeb's Summer Staple Blazer 4

Blazer 5: Collarless Tailored Blazer With Sharp Shoulders – Shay Mitchell
Celeb's Summer Staple Blazer 5

So, out of these five looks which one is your favorite and how would you style some of these pieces?

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