Christmas Tree Designs

Christmas Tree Designs

By Natalie Spence


Christmas is always everyone’s favorite time of the year. Who doesn’t love a day filled with gifts, delicious food and great company? But, before that, there’s Christmas tree décor! There are many amazing Christmas trees all around the word, which are always great sources to draw ideas from to incorporate into your tree this holiday season. Here are just a few from around the globe.


Rockerfeller Plaza, New York, U.S.

new york christmas tree


This tree is one of the main attractions in NYC during the holiday season. This is a Norway spruce tree; it’s simplistic, yet traditional. It definitely has a more classic design and look.



Galleries Lafayette, Paris, France


paris christmas tree

Every year, the Galleries Lafayette mall puts up a gorgeous tree. Standing nearly 70 feet tall and decked out in Swarovski crystals, this is quite a glamorous tree. The silver and blue colour scheme is a unique combination that is perfectly fit for this fashion capital.




Eaton Centre, Toronto, Canada

toronto christmas tree

Last year, the Eaton Centre did something new and funky by deciding to do something out of the ordinary with their Christmas tree. With colourful LED lighting, vertical lines and minimal decorations, it drew in some mixed reactions. However, this non-traditional tree captures your attention.



Trafalgar Square, London, England

 london christmas tree

The tree that stands in Trafalgar Square is a thank you gift from the people of Norway for the support during WWII, donated to the city of London annually since 1947. The tree is typically a 50-60 year old Norway spruce, which is another great and simple tree with little to no decorations, just lights.  The rich history, location, and tradition behind this tree makes it great one.




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