Christopher Paunil TFW 2016

Christopher Paunil TFW 2016

By Kelsey Lyons

Christopher Paunil’s Fall/Winter 2016 collection is femininely chic. The show started with his Ready to Wear collection, the looks consisted of a lot of silver, black and pink. These colours couldn’t be anymore like the cool skies in the colder months.
The silver shines like the snow would on a sunny day and the pink gives off the ambiance of the cool fall sunset. The black pieces are elegant, with small and interesting details such as white lace, perfect for an evening out. The colours weren’t the only things that left the audience thinking about the colder months, but the necklines, length and overall shape of the dresses did as well.
With a lot of high necklines and mid-calf length dresses the collection gave off the vibe of fall/winter with a variety of everyday to evening wear looks.

High necklines and mid-calf length dresses are popular in the colder months, not only for warmth, but style as well. Whether the dress is covered by a jacket or a scarf, the dress is still visible and the layers complete the outfit. This collection was carried through with slow, yet upbeat music to match the season of the looks. During the bridal collection showing there was slower music, which led to slow and light strides by the models down the runway. Such as the way they would to the wedding march. It varied in styles, from ball gowns, to A-line, to the low neckline style silk dresses. There were enough options for any woman to find the right gown and the perfect fit.

Paunil has been in the fashion industry since the age of 14 and he is passionate about making garments that can make every women feel beautiful and empowered. Whether it be the big wedding day or the everyday fashion, Paunil has been creating looks since the company was established in 2010.

Here are a couple of my favourites from the show:
Photo credit: Mark Blinch/The Canadian Press

This piece is both elegant and fun. The detailed lace on the skirt creates a look that says the woman wearing it is contemporary but likes to mix things up a little bit. The high neckline gives the look a particular style and warmth for the fall/winter. It can be paired with a fall trench coat or a longer jacket unfastened and heels as shown in the photo, or black ankle boots with a chunky heel for some of the colder days.

Image one- Paunil

This piece is from the bridal collection. It’s also a really fun style, with the mermaid fit and blown out skirt right near the bottom. The shoulder pads are larger and give the dress an edgy kind of look, while still elegant and contemporary with the silk material. An excellent choice for a winter wedding, giving both style and warmth.

Image two- Paunil