City Bikes

City Bikes

April 2013

Kyla N

 BIXI TORONTO - One Year In and BIXI is Riding Strong in Toronto

            Toronto is a wonderful city to explore, and it’s no secret that driving downtown is far from fun. A healthy alternative is to take a bike to get around the city. It is easy on your wallet, allows you to knock out your workout for the day, and you get to really enjoy Toronto.


            Launched on May 3, 2011, TELUS, Dejardins and the City of Toronto partnered up and released a bicycle sharing system called Bixi. These bikes are placed throughout Toronto and can’t be missed. They are sleek, black bikes that can be rented in time intervals or for the entire day. With 80 stations strategically placed within the city, you can drop off your bike to the nearest one once you’re done with it.


            The lovely benefit of being able to take advantage of using Bixi is that it promotes a healthy lifestyle. Biking is an excellent form of cardio, and you can get errands done while you’re exercising. Multitasking at its finest.


            Toronto is a large city filled with amazing shopping, cafés, restaurants and experiences. Since traffic is quite steady at all times of the day, it’s easiest to rely on yourself and quickly commute by bike!