Couple Workout Ideas

Couple Workout Ideas

February 2014

Lianne Beland


            We are so busy these days with our seemingly endless day to day responsibilities, we don’t always spend as much time with our significant other as much as we would like to.  It is great to have a routine to stick to, such as eating dinner together every night, or having a date night on the weekend.  After all, there is no better way to end your day or your hectic week than to be with the one you love.  Evidently, it becomes hard to make time for each other, but what can also begin to seem like a hassle is taking the time to exercise a few times a week. 

With the new year that’s recently begun, why not bring these two priorities together as one?  Working out with your partner will not only allow you to spend more time together, it ensures that both partners stay in good health.  Not to mention it will also help you to grow stronger as a couple.  With each other’s support, encouragement, and perhaps even loving competition, exercising together will do nothing but strengthen your muscles as well as your bond. 


            If the gym is where you both prefer to get workouts done and are comfortable there, why not try to incorporate those workouts together?  Mixing cardio and strength training together is important, and the gym is the perfect place to do that together while feeding off of each other’s encouragement and support.

            However, if you don’t necessarily enjoy the gym, there are many activities and workouts that you can do outdoors as a couple.  It always seems simpler in the summer when the weather is nice, since you can easily go for walks, runs or bike rides together at almost any time of day.  Why not try swimming, or even hiking to spice up your summertime workout routine?  

            In the colder seasons the gym seems more appealing to most people, but there are so many fun and exciting activities to do that are equally as amusing as they are beneficial to your physical health.  Make a date out of going ice skating, or even cross country skiing.  Sledding might seem like something fun to do together, rather than a good workout.  But rest assured that in reality walking back up the snowy hill after sledding down will do wonders for your cardiovascular strength.