Cozy Home Family Retreats

Cozy Home Family Retreats

August 2014

by Zoya S.

Whether it is the summer holidays and you just want to sit back and relax indoors, or shelter from the bone chilling winds in the snowy days, nothing is better than escaping whilst still staying under your very own roof! Little cozy retreats often vary depending on the size of your home sweet home, with some families choosing their basements are sanctuary whilst others magnificently transport their extra storage room to a little vacation haven; it all depends on you!


Compact and Cozy Homes: 


If you have a smaller home and not too much space to utilize, try using a small area that may be allocated for storage space, a laundry room or a slightly larger bedroom that could be sectioned off. Rearrange any extra items to store below your bed, add extra shelving or rent out a storage space.


Once you’ve found your spot, it is time to pick a theme! From cabin wood to spa-like citrus, pick a concept that psychologically makes you and your family feel relaxed and at ease. Add some comfortable furniture that will accommodate you and your loved ones and incorporate some relaxing activities! From some old records to your prized monopoly set, make your retreat a shrine of pleasant memories and a place for an evening of delightful fun!


Try and add as many blankets, pillows and candles for a more tranquil feel and for a full day, try and eliminate any reasons to leave the room. Stock the room with appetizing snacks and any additional clothing or toys your loved ones may require!


Most importantly, do not forget to unplug! Take twenty-four hours off from your busy life and enjoy the company of one another.


Larger and more Spacious Homes:


For those families who share a larger home, have the option of transforming either a basement or a garden tree house into a holiday home, which most likely is a decision based upon climate conditions and ages of family members.


If a basement or a larger room is your choice, truly transform your space into a room of relaxation. Just as a cozy home, theme selection is key and often individuals with larger rooms choose to take the cabin wood theme as a route. From soft carpeting to warm fireplaces, stepping down into your basement has never felt less like home, minus the baggage, the travel exhaustion and the fear of roaming animals! Dim the lights, and add some radiators and it is your home away from home.


For those whom decide to go for a backyard tree house, careful construction is a crucial starting point. Once made correctly, through snow or shine, your tree house is a warm getaway, an oppurtunity to be reunited with nature. Besides a tree house being the ultimate child’s lifelong dream, it is a fabulous hideaway for parents and elder children and most certainly bares no comparison to your bedroom or living room. Store some delicious s’mores and some lemonade and be prepared to reminisce and re-live your childhood with your little ones!


No matter how little or how much space you may or may not have in your homes, having a safe haven is possible and an important aspect of your home! A retreat is some place you feel detached from the stress of your day-to-day life, and whether you enjoy being a homebody and baking for the family or you bask in a gripped read, unplug your cell phones and laptops and spend your holidays amongst the presence of your nearest and dearest.