Crafted Works of Art  “Bag Lady” and the handbag trends that follow

Crafted Works of Art “Bag Lady” and the handbag trends that follow

By: Christopher Mello


We see them everywhere. From clutch to tote, hobo to satchel, shoulder to backpack, bags are as everywhere! From small delicately crafted hand works to elaborate not so small bags, they’re all works of arts, wanted by at least one person in this world. They seem to be a personal item, unlike clothing or jewelry; we fall in love with handbags, judging each based on appeal, structure, how much it can carry, what’s the fuss going to be like looking for a wallet in it? Will it be comfortable? It becomes an emotional rollercoaster when choosing the exact match when purchasing and a bigger headache when you’re stuck trying to pair an outfit to one single bag.


Coming every season we find new trends, looks and perspectives that quickly migrate south, like the Canadian Geese, according to personality, weather and taste, but it’s been clear which bags have remained at the top of the food chain. The Channel Flap, known as the classic want in the industry, carried by every female celebrity known to man, transitioning its endless usage from season to season proving there’s a reason, this bag is always in demand. Next in line comes the trend dominator, the Celine Boston and Phantom bag, putting to use its grand, structured look fitting almost anything to everything inside it without any sort of hassle, not to mention the bag classifies itself as a gender bender, playing for both teams. Keeping its wide size suitable for any occasion from everyday usage to a dinner event. Lastly, but surly one of the biggest bangs to the fashion scene is the Phillip Lim, Pashli handbag. The unusual angles, that can easily be changed created by the structured bag makes for a must have piece, not to mention if wanted the bag also comes in eco-friendly and vegan leather.

 phillip lim pashli ink blue

From celebrities to real life, it would seem Toronto is well aware as to what’s hot and not, since every fashionista strives for these three luxurious bag trends that have now been taking the bag industry by storm, putting an extra long wait list at Holt Renfrew for the delicious designer goods. What’s stopping you from being in?