Create the Perfect Backyard Getaway

Create the Perfect Backyard Getaway

July 2013

By Pamela

With summer arriving, the only thing we can think of is to escape to a long awaited paradise. The idea of staying in our anticipated swimsuits all day while sipping drinks by the water is basically the ultimate getaway. However, when we think of paradise, the first thing that comes up to mind is the idea of some expensive 5-star resort in Mexico, and sometimes that can be out of our budget. So why not create your own perfect getaway in your backyard? Here are some ideas to transform your backyard into a dreamy paradise.


Perk Up Your Backyard with Plants


When surrounded by the right plants, you can stretch out in a tanning chair and pretend you’re in Mexico. Some plants can really give a tropical feel, for example Cannas (or Canna Lilies). They have exquisite banana-like leaves that come in colors such as green or purple, with flowers in brilliant reds, yellows, pinks and oranges. Cannas are by far the most colorful summer bulbs; they would still be magnificent even if they never bloomed. They are the perfect flowers for creating a paradise atmosphere. Sunflowers are also a great alternative, covering your whole backyard in sunflowers would be the perfect touch for a cheerful getaway.


Water is Always a Must


Having some sort of water feature in your backyard is a wonderful addition as it reflects relaxation and is also an attraction that automatically rears everyone towards. Pools are great, as it can reflect the atmosphere of a vacation resort. However, if you have a smaller space or on a stricter budget a pool is not always ideal, alternatives such as a tasteful pond or even a fountain will still create that paradise experience.


Brighten Up The Night Life


A paradise isn’t only for the daytime. Creating an evening look to your daytime getaway is simple. Night lighting can easily be added around your decks or even adding a nice fire can be the perfect touch. And if you do choose to incorporate a water feature, adding some lights into the water will create a dramatic effect for the nightlife.