Daniel Christian Tang- 3D Jewelry

Daniel Christian Tang- 3D Jewelry

Daniel Christian Tang1

By Harija Ravi

The up and rising jewelry company, Daniel Christian Tang, gained a lot of attention and audience for their 3D creations. Within weeks of their official launch in May of this year (2015), the brand sold out in almost all their unique designs. In July, The Shopping Channel partnered with Daniel Christian Tang, and in only two-four hours the items were all sold out!! Later in August, the brand joined the ranks of Holt Renfrew to create an exclusive line for this high-end fashion retailer.

The Design Team that makes up Daniel Christian Tang is one with an eclectic mix of disciplines that range from Biochemistry & Architecture to Material Sciences & Art. Graduating in all disciplines with Degrees of Distinction and High Distinction the team of Daniel Christian Tang bring a fresh and immensely unique set of skills in the design of Jewelry and Wearables.

Mario Christian and Heng Tang, both graduates of the prestigious Masters of Architecture (M.Arch) at the University of Toronto bring to Morfologi accompanying degrees in Art and Biochemistry and have spent the better part of a decade studying, designing, and competing together on a global scale. Luca Daniel, a graduate from the University Of Waterloo Bachelors Of Applied Science with a concentration of Material Sciences and a certificate in Structural Engineering, is an invaluable addition to the team exploring the variability of structures and the design methods that accompany these matrices
Technology is what really differentiates them from others. They use cutting edge technology — architectural modelling software and 3 dimensional digital manufacturing tech—to create pieces that “transcend the realm of traditional jewelry to embody the cherished beauty of jewelry, the variability of nature and the uniqueness of art”—DCT3D. Their designs have been heralded by various media outlets and prominent influencers as innovative and beautifully stylish. Certainly then, DCT’s jewelry line defines a new era of jewelry and tech wearables (Source: Daniel Christian Tang).

3D Print technology allows DCT to cross-pollinate its designs with Architectural modelling software and 3 Dimensional Digital Manufacturing Technology. Our designs transcend the realm of traditional jewelry and offer our clients an experience unlike any other piece of jewelry. Inspired by nature Morfologi Designs are more than bracelets and rings; they are a testament to the cherished beauty of Jewelry, the Variability of Nature and the Uniqueness of Art.

This Canadian company is taking over the fashion industry with the use of technology, so cool!

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