Date Night

Date Night


JULY 2013

Dinner and a movie?



You would think that this is the perfect combination for a romantic night out… but nowadays, not so much.  We need to become a little more inventive and unique for our dates.  Try exploring your own city; walking around the Distillery District. It has so many charming cafes and historical facts all around to read.  It’s the perfect setting for anyone of all ages getting to know each other without long-term commitment. 


If you want more excitement, try going to The Ballroom Bowl. Tons of games to play and it also offers a wonderful rooftop patio where you can enjoy a bite to eat and have conversation over drinks, all while staring out on Toronto’s bright lights.  Enduring in playful activities on a date will make your experience much more comfortable and memorable.  You can play ping-pong, pool, bubble hockey, and foosball.  Trying something new and fun, like bowling, is a great way to start a relationship with someone.  Taking you out of your comfort zone and trusting someone new is a beautiful experience.  Some dates can be awkward but if you have something to do it will break the tension.  Teaching or learning a new skill to someone is a bonding experience you will remember forever. 


A number of us are too shy on first dates and struggle to hold a conversation all night. Try going to a comedy club; Second City.  A hilarious evening out that everyone can enjoy.  They are performing a show all month with raving reviews called ‘The Meme-ing of Life’.  Most people’s top quality they want in a partner is a sense of humour.  Instead of a date feeling like an interview, you should try these hot spots and have some fun.


Excited and anxious, some will take days preparing for this one night out with a lucky suitor, try and remember to dress your best, but be comfortable!  No one looks good walking bare foot holding their 8” heels in their hands. 

Toronto has so much to offer, find something or somewhere that can challenge you (and your date), which also opens your eyes to new experiences and you can’t fail.









The Ballroom Bowl

145 John St Toronto


The Distillery Historic District

9 Trinity Street


Second City

51 Mercer Street