Dawn of the Integration

Dawn of the Integration

MARCH 2014


The Bombardment of Advertisement, into our Lifestyle.

1801 advertisement is born- transitioning from hand painted art placed on canvases, now translated into compiled mega pixels spread through the net onto our mobile devices, computers, etc and printed off in a matter of seconds plastered across trains, billboard, buildings and even our clothing. With Coca Cola being one of the major faces for advertisement, it’s an easy flow for the eyes watching as mankind, technology and habits drifted apart.


Today’s modern society always on the go and plugged into they’re devices even 9,000 ft in the air, its no wonder companies of all sorts have switched over from the classic print advertisement, to the now electronic advertisement, that can be placed anywhere on the net, from emails, texts, calls, blogs, search engines, etc. We as the 21st century face a new kind of integration, where ads and everything digital is becoming 3D and moveable, accessible from almost anywhere in the world. As the world and lifestyle quickly transition from year to year, its no wonder so many companies shut down unable to keep up with the high demand in technology and advertisements, reaching new boarders, like fashion advertisement, now being turned into fashion photography. Placing two art forms in one, its slightly sad to know that photographers hard works are now being thought of as typical fashion advertisement for fashion houses and brands. With this newly formed integration there is no true escapism from advertisement. These sneaky fellows can be found through radio, print, television commercials, street furniture, taxi’s, TTC, coupons, etc,


Can we say that perhaps a day in the age will come where we will download ourselves into the Internet? Or that all those futuristic films were telling the truth, about inserting chips into our bodies? At the pace the world seems to be running at, especially with no escapism from the bombardment of ads, it’s a clear sign were heading home.