Designer Pools and Outdoor Pool Ideas

Designer Pools and Outdoor Pool Ideas

Aug 2013

By Mackenzie Belcastro

Having your own private pool is without a doubt, a wonderful luxury. So if you have decided to pamper yourself and your family by investing in the installation of one, then you ought to ensure it is everything you could want. To design your ideal pool there are a number of factors to take into account. First, do you prefer an in-ground or above ground pool? If in-ground, do you prefer viking fiberglass pools, or matrix vinyl liner pools? A viking fiberglass pool is quickly installed, smoothly finished, seventeen times stronger than concrete, and overall a great quality pool. Its downside is that there are limited sizes. A matrix vinyl liner pool is lower than the previous in initial cost; however, it is easily punctured, ripped or torn and its liners must be replaced periodically. In ten years a viking fiberglass pool would cost its owner an average of $4200, whereas a matrix vinyl liner pool would cost $11,500. In terms of design, there are more options for a matrix vinyl liner pool; they are completely customizable right down to the color and pattern of the liner of the pool, and there are more choices for size. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what you value more, customizing your pool to make it more “you”, in-putting a great amount of your own personal style, or quality and cost. 



If you prefer an above ground pool, you have options in terms of height, and exterior—its material and design. Whether you prefer a classical style, like a pearl wall and frame, or a more flamboyant and unique style, like a thick stone wall with a clear coating, there is a pool for you!


Designer pools give you the opportunity to vamp up your backyard, making it into a truly enchanting place where you can make a splash in style!


Source: Western New York’s Designer Pools