Different Workouts Different Results

Different Workouts Different Results

June 2014

By Harija Ravitharan

Many people work out to be healthy and have a fit body; however some people only want to lose weight in some particular area such as their tummy or even tone up their arms. Fashion Weekly Magazine has created a list of different workout for different parts of the body.

1)      Triceps: Try sitting on an edge of the flat bench and place your hands facing forward. Then place your feet on the floor and keep your knee bent. Try keeping your arms straight and push yourself forward, then hold yourself in the position for eight counts. During this time remember to inhale and exhale. The do the same method as you move backwards towards the flat bench.


2)      Biceps: (For this you might want to get yourself a bar at the gym or even at the park). Hold a heavy grip on the bar and keep you knee bent back. Also, during this process keeping your ankles crossed would make the exercise easy. For this particular exercise try to pull you up until the chin come close to the bar and then slow lower yourself back down. Try doing this exercise at least twice a week and you will have biceps before the summer is over.


3)      Toned Shoulders: Sit on a flat area with your feet wide apart and then hold a set a dumbbells as you move your arms up and done. Try doing this daily even twice a daily if possible and you will see results in two weeks.


4)      Abdominals: Lie down on a flat floor with your back down. Then slowly bend your knees and bring them close to your chest. Trying holding that position for eight counts, and then slowly bring it back down. Doctors recommend that this is one of the best exercises to do in the early mornings.


5)      Calves: This particular exercise is simple and all you need is a bench and proper running shoes. You just have to stand on the edge steps with your apart then drop the heels below and hold it for eight counts. Then push yourself up by standing on your tip-toes and hold that position for another eight counts. This exercise is best recommended to be conduct with a partner for safety reasons.


6)      Quadriceps: Stand up and while holding dumbbell in each hand, try bending your knees down till your thighs are parallel to one another. Then get back up and try doing this exercise ten times each day to get great and faster results.


7)      Butt: Similar to the last exercise, stand up and while holding dumbbell in each hand try to bend down from your hips. During this time try to keep your neck and spine straight in a line. Then get back up and try doing this exercise ten times each day for a perfect butt.

These are just some easy and simple easier that you be accomplished at home without the help of any heavy equipment.