DIY Bird Feeders!

DIY Bird Feeders!

aug 2013

by pamela

Family activities are always a blast, but can be stressful at times. It is always a challenge to find the perfect family activity that will entertain everyone.  But not to worry, because DIY’s have been super popular this year, especially when it comes to group activities.



A classic yet charming DIY is the famous birdfeeder.


What You’ll Need:

–          Milk or juice carton

–          X-Acto knife

–          Acrylic paint

–          Paintbrush

–          Thin wood sticks

–          Glue

–          Hole punch

–          String

–          Birdseed


1)      Cut out a window in the front of the carton. The window must be an inch or two above the bottom of the carton.

2)      Using the tip of the X-acto knife, poke a small hole right under the window, and slide a wood stick through the hole to make a perch for the birds.

3)      Using the hole punch, create two holes at the top of the carton.

4)      Feed the string through the holes. The string will be used to hang the birdfeeder from a tree or porch.

5)      Paint the birdfeeder with acrylic paint and decorate to your taste.

6)      Glue the thin wood sticks at the top of the birdfeeder for a tasteful appearance.

7)      Fill the carton up with birdseed, and keep an eye out for your new-feathered friends!