DIY Workshops around Town

DIY Workshops around Town

October 2013


Ashley DeFrancesco

                Most people who are DIY fanatics don’t go into a specialized workshop to create; they use what is around the house first and makeshift something out of something old.  Start looking around your house for old paint, and artistic supplies for a more economical project.  DIY people like to be inspired from all different sources; magazines, Pinterest, and Kijiji are a few places to check out for new ideas.  If you can’t turn old hangers into a picture frame then Home Depot is the next spot on your inspiring adventure.


                If you want to get out there with other DIY individuals, there are a few spots in Toronto you must go explore; DesignHer Co. Offers classes that yield gift-worthy goods, fashionable accents, and even inspired solutions to home organization.  Try the 1 hour workshop that ranges from jewelry design and textile design, or busy your kids with kid-tailored classes.  The studio also doubles as an event space.


Another studio you can scoop out is The Workroom, Toronto’s first Sew by the Hour Space.  For only $7.00 you can claim a sewing machine and thread to create your own thing.  They also teach sewing lessons for us less talented. 


                If you want to become a DIY professional, today’s the day to start.  With so much opportunity to learn and craft, don’t waste another day staring at a blank wall, transform it.  We are living in the DIY decade, keep up the good work and construct away. 

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DesignHer Co. located at 1380 Bathurst Street


The Workroom located at 1340 Queen Street West