Dreaming Big For Some Luxury Driving

Dreaming Big For Some Luxury Driving

Fri July 6th 2012

By Amy G

Soccer practice, dance lessons, band practice and every few kilometers in between. It is a constant battle between affordable gas mileage and sexy driving status. The minivan provides, but oh, doesn’t the sports car look so much better!

Finding a car that fits everything and your kitchen sink, which also looks awesome on the road is often difficult, and resorting to wide and sluggish family vehicles most often occurs when attempting to find a perfect family car. However, compromising comfort in the name of fashion is not something we take lightly. Therefore, I will attempt to merge the two, creating the perfect family vehicle, which may just be the solution to all sedan-sized problems.

Firstly, prioritize all the necessities, like; space for 5 people, enough cargo space to fit 3 large pieces of luggage, navigation, air conditioning, and more. Prioritizing your individual desires will help in finding the most stylish and versatile vehicle. The Ford Flex is fabulous for a family of 5 who perhaps want comfort and sleekness combined. The Flex is fabulous for long nights at practice, as the car can be prepared with a built in refrigerator. Try the Flex in a burgundy, great for the family and not too flashy, just like its affordable price. Let loose and feel your hair flying in the wind with its V6 engine and live within those sports car dreams!

The 2011 Chrysler 300 is not only subtly stylish, but it is a busy parent’s dream car. A V8 engine revs up any old family road trip, and roomy interiors are sure to keep children at bay. Plus, LCD screens may be added for the tykes to enjoy their favorite cartoon, or two. A trip to the mall to purchase that sparkly number paired with a quick stop at the store for some milk, and you will be noticed. A black exterior adds sophistication to the Chrysler 300, and paired with black leather seating, no sports car adds up to the sexiness this car provides!

For a mom on the go, it is usually a non-stop day. But in the 2012 Acura TSX Sports Wagon, a trip, or two, to the grocery store will never get old. Set at the price of $31,845, the wagon is great for a large family with even more stuff. The Wagon provides tons of legroom and a large trunk area, and on colder days warm up with standard seat warmers. No compromise here, the TSX Sports Wagon has everything you may need and more! Dreaming of a simple and small vehicle, with some room for a future family of four? Bring on the Acura. There is no need to compromise on your dreams, let them lead you down the road of wonder.